Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photography: step 1

We were at some friends' place last night and I took the liberty of taking a few photos...

I'm aiming, in 2009, to focus on my photography and try and get to a point where I'm taking better shots. In particularly, I'm realising that there's an art to setting up a shot, stylising it, if you will. Not just taking a photo of a cake, but teaming it with some vintage loveliness in the background, say. So none of these shots are amazing, but they are a step - the first step of taking the camera with me and at least trying! And with two young kids, soon to be three, and the amount of stuff I already have to remember when I walk out of the house, taking the camera is a big enough step for now!

1 comment:

missm said...

Amen to that!! Sometimes when I go out on my own I don't even want to take one thing with me. I just want my arms FREE!