Friday, October 26, 2007


Lunch today: toast, boiled egg, tuna, and veges with chilli hommus, consumed while perusing the latest issue of Frankie.

My partner is away til Sunday, and my parents are looking after my three-year-old, so it's just me and Jas hanging out. Cooking becomes an even lower priority than usual!! Quick and dirty rules the day!

Jas and I headed to IKEA today, with the intention of picking up some drawer dividers for Piper's playroom. Everything gets shoved into the drawers in there, and then she can't find anything. When the mess is overwhelming, she doesn't seem to play in the playroom anymore (who can blame her??), which defeats the purpose of having a playroom in the first place, to slow the spread of toys to every single corner of the house!

So yes, IKEA. I was pretty single-minded. RESISTED the strong urge to purchase an easel and carpet to add functionality to the room. My partner will be glad to read this. He's pretty against anything new coming into the house, seeing as we leave for Canada in six weeks and will have to pack everything up then.

After putting in a good effort all afternoon, Piper's playroom is clean and rearranged. I just have to deal with the piles of stuff in the hallway, and hope she doesn't find the bags destined for the op-shop!

On a different note, I've been enjoying one of the latest CraftSanity podcasts, with Amanda Blake Soule (aka SouleMama). Just appreciated her openness. Hey does anyone know if anyone's interviewing Australian crafters? I'd love to know...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poppies, love em!

We had good friends over for tea last Thursday and I decided to go all out - roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potato, sweet potato and pumpkin, freshly shelled peas, with carrot cake for dessert. I also purchased two bunches of poppies while at the market. They have to be one of my favourite kinds of flowers. I even ironed the tablecloth!

I sometimes forget how much a little bit of effort in a room - tidying, arranging, adorning, ie. with flowers - changes my whole relationship to the space in such a positive way. I'm blogging about this to try and help me remember this fact, and do something about it more often!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well, another craft space happened at my place last Friday. Thought I'd post some pics, cos it's always inspiring to check out what other people are making! It goes without saying that it was a LOVELY mellow vibe.

Jotara brought along her hook rug - it has an amazing floating quality of movement, reminiscent of a sea anemone. Very tactile and delicious!

My Nan was down from Brisbane, so she came along, even though her current watercolour projects were too hard to transport. Instead, she set about untangling a few massive bundles of wool Jotara was working with. How helpful!

Here's me working on the old scrapbook, of course! I was very excited, at the end of the evening, to realise I only have ONE DOUBLE SPREAD and TWO HEADINGS to go, before the thing is COMPLETED!!!!! Unbelieveable!

Jotara, Piper and Bek, who was working on a knitted scarf, in between poking Piper in the head!
Anna's output for the evening: three stamps, from go to whoa! A tree, an elephant with a raised trunk, and an elephant with a lowered trunk, inspired by fabric I had on hand...

This is one of the pages I got done (excuse the bad photo). I was very pleased to get this one done (the letter O) because I knew I'd have to get into the creative zone and be willing to make a mess of tissue paper to get it happening. But that's the point of a long craft space - I had enough time to get into that head space...

The boys (Gord, Pete and Jesse) even got to puzzling in the kitchen (and letting Jasper suck on beer bottles!). Fun all round...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Finished outfit

Just ate a rather eclectic lunch: mexicana corn chips, a tin of Sirena (the best!) tuna, and toast topped with banana! Tasted okay, although I didn't mix it up much!

Am conscious that I haven't posted for a while. I've mused here about feeling driven to create or blog, when sometimes what I really need to do is something for myself, like having a rest! I've also been musing about the audience of this blog, and have figured out that I need to write it, and keep the record, just for myself, regardless of who's reading it. Hopefully this means I feel less like I'm letting people down if I don't get to completing (or even starting!) a post. This is not to say I don't appreciate everyone who reads this - I feel so chuffed knowing that y'all do - I'm just trying to switch off from attempting to please everyone, y'all included.

Anyway, here's that outfit I was working on a couple of weeks ago, for our three-year-old friend, Miri. It fit her, so I was really happy about that. My man wasn't so happy that I was so driven to complete it the night before her party, which just happened to be his birthday! Hence all my ponderings about being a driven person, (except when it comes to providing regular home cooked meals each night - you could hardly say I'm driven when it comes to food - not driving anywhere, just perhaps ampling slowly! Once I start, I'm okay, but it's starting that's hard!)