Saturday, April 11, 2009

Simple Easter baskets

We wanted to give some Easter eggs to friends this week, so paper baskets were in order. Here's a very simple design:

Cut a rectangle of cardstock (we used scrapbooking paper/card).  Fold the top down, say 2cm or half an inch.  Fold the other end up the other way - this will be the bottom.  Cut notches up to this fold line (see photo).

Create a cylinder and tuck one end under the upper fold.  Stickytape along the join.  Stickytape the notches flat, to create the base of the basket.  Add a strip of paper/card (folded in half for more stability) and tape it to the basket for a handle...

...and viola!  An easy basket for chocolate treasures!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket

Well, I'm back after a bit of a break! I seem to have bedded down the new baby (number three), but time does feel tighter, especially time for crafting and blogging. Have to make the most of moments... Anyway, here's a moment right now!

I'd been looking forward to trying out Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket for about nine months, and finally got to making one for our new little man, Jethro.  Picked the colours out from my stash before he arrived on the scene, not knowing if he'd be a boy or a girl, but that pink doesn't look out of place on him!

It's a great pattern, mostly for the surprise factor, how it all comes together so neatly.  I'd like to try it next with a varigated yarn - less sewing in of ends!  Not that I mind sewing them in, actually.  It can be even more meditative than simply knitting, I find...

Jethro can't wait to get his hands on it!  How satisfying!  I must say, I was glad to have another boy, cos now the jumper or two I made for Jasper (which he's eschewing, too cool for woolen sweaters) will get a second go...  =)

In all its glory, the RAINBOW baby surprise jacket.

And the back.  Love how it comes together.

And finally on...