Thursday, March 20, 2008


This blog is sorely in need to some loving attention! I ran out of oomph to keep posting my Thing-A-Day efforts in February, but thought I'd put up a few pics of the creative projects that have continued to happen, despite my lack of posting.

Five CDs with covers, a belated Christmas gift for my mum. For the covers, I sewed 5" square scrapbook paper sheets together with a decorative stitch.

It was our turn to bring food to storytime at the library. The theme was dogs, so I decided to make cheddar cheese dog biscuits. This felt like a creative effort, for one, because I don't have a food processor, so I spent a long time mooshing the cheese, butter and flour together by hand, and two, I don't have a dog-bone cookie cutter, so I cut each of these out using a paper stencil! Bit too much effort for some three-year-olds I hardly know, but still, it was fun!

Piper and I decorated an Easter parcel for Pippa and Poppa.

I tried my hand at rainbow wrapping paper for Olivia, a two-year-old friend.

I made Piper a dancing skirt for her 4th birthday, earlier this month. Came together at the last minute, but she wore it for four days straight, so I know she likes it!

Finally, photos of loved ones on the wall, to watch over us as we eat! This is one of the few collaborations Gord and I have undertaken, and we worked very well together - made the most of the strengths and motivations of both of us. The photos are mounted on insulation foam, which Gord cut using a table saw. He painted them red (only the edges matter - they're the only visible bits). I cropped the photos, arranged printing, cut and glued them to the foam using permanent sticking tape, like what you use for scrapbooking. Gord banged in some nails and mounted the finished products just this morning. Took us at least a month to pull this idea together, but it feels very satisfying!

This week Piper and I have been decorating eggs for Easter. Crayon and food dye process.

An ongoing creative endeavour is my photography. I continue to try and take a photo a day, to capture some of life here in Canada. I post those here, and it's one of the reasons this blog is a bit neglected! Here's a quintessential red barn...