Thursday, June 28, 2007

Inaugural reflections

Well, here's to the beginning of a new venture, a craft-focused blog.

I've kept a family blog for the last three years to help keep in touch with interstate and international family and friends, and have kept track of select friends via their blogs and websites. However, Google Reader has opened the door to a whole new world, for me, the world of craft blogs! My list of subscriptions just gets longer and longer, and I'm so inspired by the myriad creations and creative people out there! I have an expanded sense of what's going on out there around the world and what's available (in terms of ideas, yarn, fabric, patterns, free stuff, whatever). I've loved going through the CraftSanity podcast archives and listening to established crafters share their stories. And I've been able to catch the reflections of some artisans working here in Melbourne, and that's made my experience of my home city all the richer (I checked out Meet Me at Mikes a few days ago - what a dangerous shop! =).

And so, here I add my own small reflections and creations to the global craft consciousness and to the craft scene here in Melbourne, Australia. I've established this blog, mainly to have a record of the things I've made and invested so much energy in, especially seeing as many of them are gifts, and therefore end up in other people's houses where I can no longer see them and be reminded that I am a creative soul. I have a soft spot for knitting, but dabble in sewing and just signed up for a stitching night at Meet Me at Mikes, which will be way outside my box!

Tonight is my night off - I have two kids, a three-year-old, Piper, and a two-month old, Jasper - and this is a precious stretch of time. I'd set it aside to finish two baby garments I knitted ages ago, and managed to get one done and the other half done. Oh yeah, still need to get buttons, so not all done, but that's the way with finishing something, eh! The last 10% takes 90% of the total energy invested in it! Anyway, I decided half done was good enough, and that I was finally going to set this blog up, seeing as it's been on my mind for the last two or three weeks.

So in the spirit of a craft blog, here an image, if not of a WIP, at least of some yummy yarn I got from WoolBaa, to make a hat for me and a scarf for Piper.

I look forward to watching this blog grow. Thanks for reading and sharing the journey...