Monday, January 5, 2009


This is the calendar that's hanging in our kitchen, from Creative Thursday. I think it might be trying to tell me something...

Here's January, obviously an image about NESTING... right what I'll be doing!

And here's February: a family of five (albeit different species)! Perhaps, just perhaps, this baby is planning on coming early!

I pulled out the suitcase of baby clothes (and toddler and little girl clothes!) yesterday and sorted it all into sizes. Another day I'll wash it all and fold it lovingly! I'm determined this time to use the little vintage woolen dresses and cardigans, even though they're higher maintenance. Otherwise what's the point of keeping them?

I couldn't resist taking a shot of this little jacket and booties. The jacket is a new addition, actually, the most fairly traded purchase of my life! It's knitted from yarn that's spun by a woman who raises her own alpacas; she then passes the yarn on to a women's auxilary who knit it up into these beautiful pieces (I bought the softest brown vest for Jasper, too); then some of the proceeds from the sale go to women in Africa, to do with maternal and child health issues! How's that for a lovingly made garment?! It didn't have a brand, and I don't have the tag anymore, but I bought it from a fair trade kids clothing and toy shop called Mine Kids in Olinda, Victoria. Lots of lovely things to buy there!

So yes, nesting, making room for this child whose imminence I can finally feel!


missm said...

What kind of calendar craziness is that???

And that sweater is gorgeous! I love it.

Bev said...

I LOVE the baby sweater and booties! You MUST post a picture of your sweet baby wearing it once he/she arrives. I sure do hope, you are aiming for March 1??!?!! Beautiful calender, where did you find it or did you make it?