Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentines & Doodles

Thursday the Seventh: I managed a doodle, with oil pastels (does that sound wrong??). Felt pretty basic, primary school flowers, but I pretty much stopped drawing in primary school, so why should I assume I've gotten any better (in my sleep, perhaps?). Anyway, when I look at my effort now, it seems to have become its own entity, and I appreciate its existence.

Friday the Eighth, tonight: I got caught up in the idea of making valentines for a few friends. Specifically, making hearts to sew onto teabags what will be packaged in a mug-shaped card or something, with a note, perhaps. Bit over the top, especially when I never usually do anything for Valentine's Day, but for one thing, I'm missing my beautiful friends in Australia (already posted them valentine notes listing things I love about them), and also, I'm grateful to my family and new friends here in Canada, for welcoming me into their everyday lives. So yes, Valentines for my girlfriends all round, this year!

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Anonymous said...

I love the rambling flora. Part of drawing is just letting go and drawing something! And oil pastels make it RICH!