Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sharon's 1st quilt!

Wanted to document my sister-in-law's first ever quilt, for her daughter Taelyn! I went with her to Marv and Tanell's fabric shop, and loved watching the process of choosing fabric. I love how eclectic her choices were, and how they work together. Most of all, I love that she's into making stuff, and how that means we have even more in common. You're ace, mate!

Here's the fabric...

Wielding the rotary cutter.

Getting the sewing machine going!

All while Gord entertained the kids!

And here's the quilt top, completed in a day or two, I think. The whole quilt was done in less than a week! She is a Funk, after all! Wow, top job. Makenna's is next!

1 comment:

missm said...

OH my word!! It looks fantastic!

Why didn't I get you to help me make a quilt?

I've been wanting a rotary cutter and mat for ages. Just need to take the plunge.