Sunday, October 19, 2008

Knitted gifts

I finally get to blogging this! I had the idea, for ages, in Canada, that I wanted to knit a hat for each of my nieces and nephews. I didn't get going with it for a while, and then became pregnant, and didn't feel like doing anything crafty after that. However, then September rolled around, the fog lifted and suddenly I was back in a crafting space, so you could say I entered into a flurry of activity to get these hats done before our early Thanksgiving gathering on the 3rd of October! I was really happy with how they turned out, and how unique they all are. I think the kids appreciated that they each had their own hat in a different style. They're not perfect, but I hope they communicated in a small way that I'll miss seeing my nieces and nephews...

Here's Piper modelling them all (left to right, in rows): Mason's hat, Zach's hat, Ty's hat, Rae's hat, Ty's hat again, Makenna's hat, Makenna's hat again, Cassie's hat, and Taelyn's hat.

The recipients.

A shot of all these beautiful kids together...






missm said...

These are beautiful.

We bought Granny made hats and mitts at the MCC sale and I was surprised to find that the girls choose the Granny made hats over all the fleece and 'pretty' hats we have at home. I love it.

Love how seriously Piper takes her modeling gig.

grethekristin said...

Nice girl and very nice hats.I think you have a nice blogg as well.