Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being creative in small ways

I signed up for this last night - very exciting! I figure it's just the thing to get me producing small creative stuff, and thinking creatively, rather than feeling like I have to take on a huge project and then feeling so daunted I don't do anything about it. Creativity IS the small stuff which is part of everyday life. Creativity is one's perspective. So yeah, here's to changing my perspective and undertaking some smaller, funner projects.

I guess this is an example where the creative process was fun - a cardboard castle for my daughter, complete with drawbridge (Piper's inscription: Keep Out, Bad Ones!) and horse, and probably other characters to come. I didn't feel like this needed to be perfect - that always makes it more enjoyable. I was pretty set on painting it grey, cos, you know, that's what colour castles are. But Piper was determined that it should be pink, so pink it is. Just let go, Bec, let go, and see what cool stuff happens! I love the end result - a pink princessy castle. What a joy painting is - I had forgotten. I also love how the horse turned out, kind of wobbly looking, and with a patchy painting job (courtesy of Piper), both of which mean it is totally unique. I so often follow patterns these days, that it was a lovely reminder of what I/we can create just out of a single thought.


samantha said...

Hi Becsta, I guess you might still be away - lucky you!!
We are back from the beach :( but I guess it had to come to an end at some point. Hope you are having a great time.

LouLou said...

Oh that castle looks so beautiful out in the snow....nice work mum.I think your 30 days of creativity is greaT!