Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flashback Friday

I looked for a photo that matched the theme of 'what Mum did to my hair', and realised, Mum didn't actually do much to my hair! Now that I think about it, I always wished she could do a bit more to it, like braid it and stuff. I wasn't a kid who went to school perfectly coiffed - more often than not, my Dad would grab my hair into a ponytail on the way to school on the red and white bus!

So here's a photo of pretty much the worst I did to it, until I was older, anyway! I think it's 1987, and this is a photo of our household - we were living with two other women at the time. Mum, my brother Simon, (bushranger) Dad, brother Daniel, Suzanne, me and Coralie.

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samantha said...

great photo - although I just want to know more - Like why were the other women there with you? are they relatives? sorry, I'm very nosey!! thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind thoughts about my projects too.