Monday, August 13, 2007

PC almost a PB!

Just did my first provisional cast on, with a crochet hook, thanks to this tutorial (scroll down past the invisible cast on, which looks like trying to spin a web on one's fingers!)! I have been putting this off for a while - I knew I needed total focus, and that's somewhat hard to come by. However, now the kiddos and the main man are in bed and I have this window. I'm feeling annoyed at the main man anyway, so feel no compulsion to go to bed - ha!

But really, I was just scared of this new technique, that's the bottom line... Once I got the hang of it, I didn't want to stop in case I lost the knack. And then I realised, it really isn't that hard! Funny how the unknown can seem so immense. I love how there's always something more to learn, with knitting (in my case, there's a whole world of knitting out there just waiting).

Anyway, I'm just raving on cos it's late. I'm gonna sit up and knit a hat for myself, with my brand new cast on...

And aren't these so beautiful!

Oh yeah, I finally finished the cardigan for Piper, but she hasn't yet let me take a picture of it on her. I'll have to sneak one sometime. It looks perfect on her - I think I just love the colours (red/pink/purple), and she loves the purple heart buttons... So bummer, no photos for this post, but here's one of her tackling an icecream in Kuranda, NQLD, a couple of weeks ago!

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